Keeping Track of the Action

THJA awards points closely track those awarded by the USHJA although the recognized divisions may differ slightly. Points are awarded to those riders that are members of the THJA and are used for year-end awards and recognition of your accomplishments. Remember that you must place in at least 3 show in the same division for your points to count toward the year-end awards.

Search of Show Results

You can search all of this year's show results reported to the THJA for information that pertains to an individual rider or horse. Some results may not show monies awarded because they are often omitted by show managers when results are reported to us.

Please enter a THJA Number for the search:

Point Standings

Select a THJA recognized section from the list below. In Order to Receive a Year-end Award, You must place in the Same Section at 3 or More Shows. If you have questions about the point standings, contact: Ann Yaffe at 281-934-3251
Remember that point standings for year end awards become final on December 5th.

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