Texas Hunter Jumper Association

The Texas Hunter and Jumper Association (THJA) was formed in 1948 as an association of exhibitors. In 1953, the THJA became a Texas nonprofit corporation. Its purpose is to support its membership and their horses with educational programs and scholarships and with horse show oversight which encourages the safety and welfare of both.

Latest Updates

  • 11/20/20


    Point standings shown on this website are now final for the year 2020. Remember that you must place in at least 3 shows in the same division for the points to count for THJA year end awards. You have until December 15th to question the points awarded for the year. After that, all point standings are final and cannot be changed. Contact Ann Yaffe ( ) with your concerns.

  • 11/20/20


    The show results for the Final Chase show are now available. Click HERE to view them.

  • 10/22/20

    The THJA has passed a new rule that should satisfy some of the requests we have had in the past regarding the awarding of retroactive points. This rule will become effective with the start of the 2021 show year on 12/1/20. At that time, you will be able to receive points for a show that has ended if you comply with the following. If you receive an email notice stating that you or a horse have not received points for the reason stated in the email, you will have 10 days from the date of the email to make a request to the THJA for those points to be awarded for ONLY the show specified in the email. As you can see, it is extremely important that we have your correct email address for this notice. If you find out that you did not receive points for a show by some other means, you must contact us within 10 days of the last date of the horse show that just ended. A clue that points have not been awarded is seeing the words "BAD POINTS" on the USEF web site.

  • 10/5/20

    Tenative horse show dates for 2021 are available. Click HERE to view them.

  • 10/1/20

    The show results for the Great Southwest Fall Classic are now available. Click HERE to view them.

  • 6/17/20

    Issue #5 of the THJA News is now available. Click HERE to view it.

  • 5/27/20

    The USEF has published a link to all of their Covid-19 resources. Click HERE to go to the link.

  • 3/25/20

    A new equitation program has been announced for the remainder of this year. It's called the THJA Medals Final. Click HERE to see the details.

  • 1/22/20

    The 2020 THJA Rule Book is now available. Click HERE to view it.

  • 12/22/19

    The THJA now is offering scholarships for the following.

    Scholarship for Young Adult Exhibitors based on year end points
    Scholarship for Junior Exhibitors based on year end points
    Scholorship for Junior/Young Amateur Exhibitors based on essay and recommendation


You can have point standings and show results emailed to you the moment they are posted. Click HERE to set it up.



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