Texas Hunter Jumper Association

The THJA was formed in 1948 as an association of exhibitors. In 1953, the THJA became a Texas nonprofit corporation whose purposes are to support, maintain, and encourage the breeding, use, exhibition, and showing of jumping horses, both those useful in the hunting field and those known as open jumpers, and to encourage a better understanding among breeders, owners, trainers, and exhibitors of such horses, and to encourage such persons to accept uniform rules in regard thereto.

Latest Updates

  • 11/12/18


    The Harvest results have been published. Click HERE to view them.

  • 10/7/18


    The 2019 THJA Rule Book has been published. Changes are shown in red. Click HERE to view it.

  • 6/8/18


    Summer is here and it dry and hot in a lot of areas. Click HERE to read about barn fire safety.

  • 1/8/18

    The THJA Board of Directors has voted to continue the award of $14,000 to the high point hunter and jumper riders who fininsh in the top six places. As before, $7,000 will be awarded to non professional riders in both hunter and jumpers. There is one important change, however, only the top 5 shows for each section/horse/rider will be considered in determining the standings. Click HERE  to view the rules.


You can have point standings and show results emailed to you the moment they are posted. Click HERE to set it up.



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